7 tricks for WhatsApp you need to know

WhatsApp has become a news program for all generations. We use it daily and do not even know what else it can do. Here are our seven most helpful WhatsApp tricks.

1. Say it LOUD, do it fat

Sometimes words just need even more Emphatically. To grease something at WhatsApp, you just have to put an asterisk before and after the characters.


2. set accents? italics font

Should it be a bit more discreet, it is sufficient to set the font in italics. To do this, an underscore must be inserted before and after the italic text.


3. Cross out the loose mouth

Sometimes it can help to use the push-through function: "Men staring at breasts goats"

~ Strikeout ~

4. NEW in WhatsApp: delete messages

We've all been waiting for this feature of the new WhatsApp update: Now you can take back messages. Should you ever get into the uncomfortable situation of having sent a message to the wrong recipient, you can quickly take it back: Simply press and hold a message, then select "delete" and then "delete for all". The recipients then get a message that there was a message that was deleted, but can not see the content. Finally!

5. Change font

You are tired of the 'Helvetica® New' font on WhatsApp? No problem: just three apostrophes before and after the characters and the font changes.

`` `Schriftart```

6. Messages with Siri and Google Assistant

Just no hand free? Just use Siri or the Google Assistant to send WhatsApp messages.

"Write XY on WhatsApp ..."

7. Message to everyone without group chat

Are you also annoyed that you are in so many WhatsApp groups? Sometimes people make groups because of trifles. It's frustrating. Often it is easier to do it on a broadcast list. If you wanted to write the same message to several recipients, put everyone on the list and announce messages like "I've landed on vacation." You can create broadcast lists in the chat overview. To the left of the first chat is the 'Broadcast Lists' button.

15 Secret WhatsApp Tricks You Should Try (March 2023).

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