• April 1, 2023

7 things to know before the first tattoo

1. Where is the own pain threshold?

You are planning your very first tattoo? Then it does not matter at all if you do not know how painful you are. However, to get to know your limits better, it is better to first resort to a body site that is comparatively not too sensitive to pain. The more fatty tissue lies between the skin, muscles and tendons, the less likely it will be to bruise tattoos at these sites. These include, for example, the lateral forearm, upper arms or thighs. On the other hand, places like the ribs, the knees, elbows or everything around the lumbar region are especially sensitive to pain.

2. At what time of year should you go to the tattoo artist?

For a fresh tattoo to heal well, it should not be exposed to direct sun and water. So it's not very good for a summer vacation. In winter, it can also be annoying to cover up the fresh wound under many layers of fabric that may be itchy. Good seasons are spring and autumn.

3. The care after the stinging

Some tattoo artists provide you with a special ointment after treatment, which can be given to care for the fresh wound. Inform yourself beforehand if your tattoo artist is doing this or if you have to take care of an ointment for wound healing yourself. For example, it prevents the tattoo from starting to bleed.

4. Find out about the tattoo artist

Speaking of information: Also about the tattoo artist of your choice you should get some experience reports! After all, you will want to live with the result for many years. For example, take a look at photos of his previous work - you can find them online or in the shop. In the social media also many customer opinions of salons and artists can be found.

5. Are small corrections possible in hindsight?

If it really is little things, so for example, a too thin drawn line, then this is usually no problem. If you realize that you are not completely satisfied with one detail, then get back to your tattoo artist as soon as possible. Optimal is up to a week after the first appointment. Then you can talk about a solution. With small optimizations, this is often even free.

6. Start small

You really want an XXL back tattoo? No problem! But start with a small motif. You do not know yet how your skin will react to it before the first sting. To be on the safe side, then, if you dare step by step forward.

7. You have to shave ...

... or maybe you'll be shaved. Depending on the place you choose, you may not even think about having more or less body hair there. If you do not care about removing them with the razor, the tattoo artist will do it.

10 Tips Before You Get Your First Tattoo With Tattoo Artist Romeo Lacoste (April 2023).