7 supposed "blemishes" that men love about us

Tooth gaps: blemishes or trademarks?

You have a tooth gap and feel it as a blemish? Then let it melt on your tongue, that most men find the gaps attractive and sweet, according to a survey of the pharmacy review. Several stars such as Madonna, Vanessa Paradis, Jamie Cullum or Anna Paquin show their alleged flaw as a trademark on display. There's nothing standing in the way of the next ray smile, right?

Small tummy? pleased to!

There is hardly a woman with her belly? and is he still so flat? is satisfied. Every roller is critically eyed, only with a firm stomach do we dare to be content with the swimming pool. But are men eyeing our problem area just as critically? No? on the contrary! Men especially like our little tummy, because it stands for femininity. And not only that: you will not only find our curves beautiful, but also sexy.

Hair is always right

No matter how you blow-dry, comb or lay your hair? they just do not want to go the way you want. On a day like this you just want to hide your hair under a hat or cut it off right away. But do not worry, men will probably not even notice your bad hair day. Or do you notice your new hairstyle after the hairdresser visit? So what! Rejoice that men obviously remain hidden from this blemish.

Cover freckles? Not!

There are women who spend a lot of time on the day to laboriously cover their freckles with lots of make-up. Dear freckled women: Please spare yourself the trouble. Other women envy you for that? and the male world not only finds the pretty dots on your face beautiful, but also extremely sexy.

"My butt is too thick"

Not only the stomach and the legs, but also the buttocks, women like to take a critical look. Is the butt really too big or too thick? We do not believe - and would like to point out the current Po cult triggered by the Kardashian clan. It finally shows that a beautiful butt can not be round enough. According to the survey, men love that particular curve - no matter how big or wide they are.

Does reading glasses make us uncool?

The days when women with reading glasses were ambitious and uncool and were dubbed "spectacle serpent" are over. Today you can score with smart glasses all along the line? also in the men's world. For many women, chic eyewear is an accessory that makes them attractive and self-confident. Not for nothing the cliché of the hot librarian prevailed in several films.

Beautiful: different eye colors

It is hard to believe that it is hard to believe that iris heterochromy is a blemish. The affected women with different eye colors often see this differently, however, after all, this disorder of pigmentation is very rare. Men find the different eye colors particularly exciting and impressive. Prominent examples: Mila Kunis, Kate Bosworth and the model Luisa Hartema.

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