7 reasons to break every kitsch border during the Christmas season

1. Everyone loves kitsch until they get undressed

Guys, we have to talk about kitsch. Can you remember how outrageously great your formerly glittering and glittering gold balls were? Because everyone is kitsch. Until you've often heard how terrible it all is. Stop it! Ras with the real me! If not now then when?

2. Only at Christmas is kitsch sociable

Where we are already at the next point. Only in December, is it socially accepted to be completely over it. Indie rockers suddenly resort to Michael Bublé and Helene Fischer and the minimalist faction brings whole boxes with decoration from the otherwise empty attic. That's right!

3. Christmas kitsch is at least nice

Think kitschy Easter decorations ... And? Also a gag reflex felt? Cheesy Christmas decoration is at least beautiful in all its ugliness.

4. Do not you blow up borders too often?

Let's just let it out. All the over-the-top stuff that dwells in us. Even if it breaks every frame. GO OUT! So we start the new year relaxed.

5. Hand on heart: There is nothing better than Christmas kitsch movies

So no later than "A Christmas Prince" every Christmas muffle is converted. No, it's not corny. And yes, we would keep looking at him.

6. Kitsch is balm for the soul

All the hustle and bustle, the terrible reports, the conflicts that one carries out in everyday life ... that is exhausting. Kitsch expresses our yearning for the lost paradise of childhood. And this longing wants to be lived out. Even if you need a Santa Claus made of cloth that climbs by the fireplace.

7. Colors, light and abundance in the middle of winter

How gray and dreary the winter can be, we will see again in January. And that's early enough. So let's glitter and blink, feast and exaggerate because January is coming. Until then, we should have fueled a lot of light and color.

Belfast Christmas Market in the snow || #69 (July 2020).