7 beauty trends that are 2018 out!

1. Contouring

Contouring, which is the modeling of facial contours with different shades of brown, has long been considered THE make-up trend par excellence. Kim Kardashian and many other celebs made the look in vogue, bloggers moved in and finally, almost everyone had fallen for the hype. But in 2018 it may become natural again. A thin layer of foundation, some concealer against the dark circles and a bit of transparent powder can do. For the perfect summer glow, it may of course be a little bronzer - but then it's enough, if you want to follow the trendy natural look.

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2. The "Instagram Brows"

Yes, we have often emphasized it: A focus on the eyebrows is important. These give the face its frame and create a beautiful contour. Those who are not naturally inclined to dark eyebrows, may like to help with some powder or a pen. Permanent remedy also creates the coloring of the eyebrows. Definitely, however, are the super dark "beam eyebrows", which prevailed especially on Instagram. This is not only too much, but also does not fit into the new naturalness that is trendy in 2018. Also no longer welcome: Various bizarre eyebrow trends, such as feather brows, barbed wire or glitter brows.

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3. Brown Lipliner

Yes, this strange trend from the 90s suddenly celebrated its big comeback this year. Even stars like Jennifer Lopez again resorted to this look. But in 2018 it's time to say goodbye to the brown-rimmed lip. A luck!

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4. Matte lips

Speaking of lip make-up! When it came to the color on the mouths, then in recent years, there was only one issue: matte lipsticks. This is forgotten in the next year, instead it can glisten and shine on the lips again. The focus is then creamy lipsticks, strong glossy lip gloss and colorful shimmering lip care. This is likely to please all those who tend to dry their lips. The dull colors have often deprived the thin lip skin of additional moisture.

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5. Rainbow Hair

It was actually only a matter of time before this trend passed away by itself. We're talking about the hidden rainbow-hair. The undercoat was dyed in iridescent rainbow colors? the top coat retained its natural hair color. This made the look visible only on hairstyles like the Half Bun. By the way, a trend that is slowly but surely saying goodbye.

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6. Fake Lashes

Always popular with celebrities, beauty bloggers, but also in the average consumer, who is not satisfied with his sparse eyelashes. But even if nobody told you directly, you always see that the Lashes are artificial. Therefore, eyelash serums, which are supposed to stimulate the natural growth of the eyelashes, are currently in demand. From our own experience, we can say: That actually works. More methods for eyelash extensions in the test can be found here.

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7. Gel nails

Painting nails with gel varnish was not only trendy for a long time, it was also extremely practical. It just stupid that they often look artificial, because they make the fingernail appear thicker than it actually is. The better alternative: the new long-Lasting nail polishes. They often last for weeks on the nails, but look like normal paints too. Here you can find long-lasting nail polishes in the test.

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