6 things that happy couples do before falling asleep

1. Go to bed at the same time

You disappear under the covers while he is still in front of the TV? Sure, that can happen. After all, you and your partner are two separate persons. But do not let that become a permanent state. Because falling asleep together strengthens the intimacy - and is just beautiful. The non-plus ultra: cuddled close together in dreamland. Of course, this is not a must. Who needs more freedom, the cuddles a bit with his sweetheart and then moves to his bed half. It is important to fall asleep with the feeling: My partner is by my side!

2. Finish with a nice topic

Roll up the job problems of the day? Unfortunately, this can be quite stressful before falling asleep. Of course you should tell from your life: what moves you, touches you and also of things that burden you. For larger topics, you should rather give yourself more time - preferably also during the day, so that both are wide awake. End your bedtime conversation generally with a positive topic. For example, by briefly listing the beautiful things of the day.

3. Clear conflicts from the world

Do you know that too? If there's a bad mood, you just roll back and forth. Fall asleep? Impossible! Therefore, discuss small conflicts the same way - at least if you can eliminate them the same evening. Usually it is enough to talk about it for a few minutes, to scare away this heavy "Something is just between us" feeling.

4. TV, tablet, mobile phone off!

There is a time in the day that should only belong to you as a couple. And these are the minutes before falling asleep. Do not surf the web forever before you turn off the light. Tell me shortly about your day, cuddles, makes nonsense. Then you sleep safe with a smile on your lips.

5. Say a few nice words

It does not always have to be an "I love you". To declare his love every day might be exaggerated. But: A few sweet words before the good night kiss caress the soul - and certainly help even when falling asleep. "You smell good", "I'm glad I have you", "I hope, I dream of you" ... You'll think of something beautiful. And if it seems inappropriate. A heartfelt hug replaces every dear word!

6. Give a good night kiss

Think back to the past: Did you not fall asleep much better when your mother gave you a bedtime kiss? Even if you are not over 6 years old, there is no better end to the day than to put a sweet peck on your sweetheart. Because this ritual gives you the feeling of security and security. Every evening anew.

Happy Couples Do These 11 Things Before They Go To Sleep - TamunLove (March 2023).

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