5 sentences we should say to a mother with a rampaging toddler

Recently, in the pedestrian zone. It's cold, it's getting dark. A mother, heavily laden with bags. And about a three-year-old child, two meters from her, roaring, red in the face, snot runs out of his nose. The mother wants to go home - not the child.

I watch as the mother tries to encourage the child to move on. She remains calm, understanding and yet determined.

Everyone walks by, nobody says anything

I go to the bakery, when I come out again, the two still have not moved from the spot. In the meantime, the child is screaming bad words at his mother. People pass by, some shake their heads.

I'm sorry for the woman, because I know exactly how she feels. How she has to pull herself together so as not to shout about herself. How embarrassing she is. How tense her body feels now, how her nerve endings pinch.

At the same time, I admire her. Because she stays so patient and calm.

I do not know how they got home? I left before. And annoyed me afterwards that I only thought but did not show my understanding. Because a little encouragement would have been exactly what she needed!

The next time I see a mother with an angry child, will I open my mouth? and say one of those sentences. Maybe you too?

1.) "Wow, admirable how calm you stay!"

Mothers are only human. And always being in control and staying exemplary is damn exhausting. So tell the women what a great job they are doing! (Never does anyone else.)


2.) "In anger, my husband threw down a jam jar in the supermarket."

It could always be worse. And it can be very comforting in such moments to hear that you do not have the most defiant child in the world. But that's what almost all parents go through. A little chat about the most absurd tantrums definitely lifts the mood.

3.) "Oh yes, dearest, and right in bed it's the cutest kid in the world again and wants to cuddle, right?"

In the face of this snotty, red-faced butterflies, mothers forget very briefly that it will eventually stop. Just remind her a moment, with a wink. That helps to persevere.

4.) "I read that defiant children later earn a lot of money on the job."

Yes, such a study really exists. Then it is worth the perseverance for the mother at least financially!

5.) "Here, for the nerves."

Just buy the mother a chocolate bar (or something with alcohol). She will be happy, very, definitely.


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