5 fears that you should definitely overcome

1. End a relationship that is not good

Your relationship has not been what it was in the beginning? And as much as you wish, you can not imagine being happy with your partner in five years' time? Then it's better to put an end to it - even if the fear of loss and the fear of being alone gnaw at you. Only then can you and your partner pave the way for a new happiness. And let's be honest: Singles life also brings advantages.

2. move to another city (or change profession)

The city you live in is messing with you? Or are you annoyed by your job or even the whole industry? Nevertheless, you are afraid of just breaking everything - for fear of change. Of course, all beginnings are difficult. But to live the life you want, you should face that fear. After all, if you do not dare, you will not win!

3. Take the challenge off the job

You get the chance for a new project or a new position in the job? Then she takes! Even if it carries a lot more responsibility and the voice in your head says that you can not do it - or you are afraid of failure. There is also a reason why the boss has offered you this opportunity.

4. Going on vacation alone

We all know fear of being alone - in some it is only more pronounced, in others less pronounced. This fear should not stop you from traveling solo. A friend marries, but you have no partner? Go anyway! The party sounds tempting, but you know there - apart from the host - no one? Here we go! Are you ready for vacation? Then pack your things and nothing like going on! You always meet someone, and there are many offers for single travel.

5. Represent your own opinion

There are always people who give their opinion to the fore and praise it as the only truth. If you disagree, do not hesitate to represent them. Do not be afraid to stand up for your arguments, after all, they promote the discussion and your own self-confidence. And honestly, if you're wrong, you know why.

Sick with Exam Fear? This Will Help - Sadhguru (June 2020).

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