5 decisions that you will never regret!

Money is basically uninteresting, as long as there is enough. And that's why we worry too little or no thoughts about it. It gets really uncomfortable when the money is missing at every turn. But then it is often too late because we are already trapped.

Those who follow these five tips, take care. And saves you later frustration and trouble.

1. Yes, yes! Save for the age

Yes, you too are getting old? We hope so! But the last phase of life will be dramatic for many of us: Almost every second German citizen who retires from 2030 onwards threatens to live below the poverty line. And living in poverty is anything but fun? especially if you live in a consumer society. Think about it today: How much money will I need to enjoy my last year (tenths)? It all depends on where you want to live and what you intend to do when you go on an eternal holiday: Of course you need more if you want to travel around the world than if you were celebrating the end of your life with your favorite series, a volunteer or your grandchildren want to spend.

The consequence will be in (almost) every case: If you can do anything - put more aside than before! Or at least start with it ...

2. Create reserves

What if your car is broken? You lose your job? The washing machine has put half the apartment under water? Then it's damn good to have reserves. Because no washing machine / car / money to have is not nice. Financial experts recommend a reserve from which you can live for six months.

3. Analyze your expenses

You have no money left to save? Then it makes sense to look for what you actually do it for. Maybe the daily lunch or the morning coffee-to-go will add up to much more money than you thought? Sometimes it just helps to change one habit to have a nice penny at the end of the year.

4th Do not participate in the Dispo

Do not play in the unfair game of banks: Have-interest 0 percent, Dispo interest 13 percent. Who covers his account, pays on it and slips quickly into the Dispofalle. And then you give the bank constantly your sour money, instead of spending it on things that you need or want.

5. Pay your bills on time

Because: You have no desire for dunning fees. And you also do not feel like having Schufa entries blocking the doors when you search for the next apartment.

5 Decisions You Will Regret Forever (October 2020).