3,000 baby carriers for Syrian mothers

Every day, boats with Syrian refugees land on Greek beaches. On board are often mothers with their babies. As soon as they have survived the journey across the water, the dangerous journey continues, long stretches on foot. Their babies have to carry their mothers and fathers in their arms all the time, in addition to their small luggage.

These are pictures that immediately appeal to every mother. Because they all know how burdensome a long walk with baby can be. How hard does it take to get away for days at risk of mortal danger?

Cristal Logothetis, a mother and blogger from California, could not shake off this idea. Her idea: to donate baby carriers that make travel easier for parents. Because the straps are light, protect the body of the child and the wearer, you have your arms free for other things - and the child still feels secure.

Together with relatives living in Greece, she started a donation call. If you want to help, you can donate both money and used baby carriers, which are sent to the volunteers in Greece and distributed directly to the refugees on the Greek island of Kos.

Initiatives such as "Kos Kindness" or "Urban BabyWearer", which already distributes aid on the ground, have confirmed to Cristal how urgently the baby carriers are needed. The happy face of this woman speaks volumes.

Almost $ 30,000 has been donated so far

The idea arrives: Cristal's goal was 100 baby carriers and 2500 dollars. Her appeal was that she could now distribute 3,000 baby carriers and get nearly $ 30,000 in donations.

In an update, Cristal Logothetis thanks all donors and announces that the aid will now be extended to the island of Lesbos and Athens. "We will definitely focus on Greece because most Syrians are starting their journey to Europe there," says Cristal.

Cristal also plans to travel to Kos with a team of volunteers to coordinate the assistance. "Our strategy is simple: we go to the beaches every morning at 5 o'clock and hand over the carriers as soon as the boats arrive," explains Cristal. Then the work continues in the camps.

Since the refugees are under time pressure upon arrival, Cristal's team recommends donating baby wears rather than diaper wraps because they are easier to explain.

On her blog mamabebeblog.com and her Facebook page, Cristal regularly reports on the status of the campaign.

Also uses the baby carrier privately: Mama blogger Cristal Logothetis

You want to help too?

Donations are still welcome. We asked Cristal how to send baby carriers from Germany directly to Greece without going through the US. As soon as we have an answer, we will publish it here!

Nonprofit Lightens Load For Syrian Refugees With Baby Carriers (July 2020).

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