10 words that people use in style

Chantal, do you? ma grandma waving! No doubt: With such sentence constructions we won no prize in the category "Good Speech Style". These concepts, on the other hand, ennoble every sentence that leaves our mouths. And do not worry? they are not totally foreign words!

  • anyway
  • sincerely
  • contrary
  • Indeed
  • reluctance
  • impeccable
  • Subtle
  • fundus

Incidentally, the business insider asked the linguist Hans P. Krings of the University of Bremen about the topic.

In his opinion speaks "educated", who on the one hand represents his social group, but on the other hand also modern talk. His examples:

  • significant
  • Status
  • Appreciation
  • discourse
  • attentiveness
  • clientele
  • succinct

Okay, the words are written in our brains, right?

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