10 things we would like to say to our ex

Let's face it: if we were bitterly disappointed by our ex-boyfriend, then we wish him the plague by the throat. You do not have to be ashamed of that, because a broken heart makes another person out of us.

Surely you know that daydream after the breakup, meet it again and tell him all the things that have been burning your soul for so long. Relentless and with a broad chest. We have a few suggestions there, in order to (mentally) get some air.

1. The sex with you was really boring.

2. You have the worst parents in the world.

3. I would not have given this cute guy a basket at the time - and should have left you instead.

4. You will never find a better one than me!

5. Back then, when I said a small penis is not bad - I lied.

6. Your hairstyle was awful.

7. Your friends are blaspheming about you.

8. I never liked your birthday presents - and threw them away.

9. Whoever says you're cool guy - he's lying.

10. I'm so glad I'm leaving you.

It is best, of course, one buries his grudge against the ex and looks forward. It's sometimes easier if you write him a letter with all the things you want him to say. But then you do not send him off, but burn him.

A discussion with the ex only makes sense, if you are emotionally distanced so far that you can reasonably talk to each other - otherwise fly in the end so the scraps, that you only get out of the situation even more aggrieved. If you have a new partner, you should focus on him anyway. Because so much is clear: He is million times better than the Ex!

50 Things To Say To Your Ex - Merrell Twins (May 2021).