10 things we can do only because we have siblings

1. We can forgive ALL, is only a matter of time

2. We learned early on that it does not matter who is right, but who roars the loudest and tells the most convincing bullshit

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3. Siblings teach us how to share? Oh, come on ... you do not really believe that! Let's face it, just because of our siblings, we know exactly how we make it, NOT to share anything (Keyword: licking chocolate)

4. We know that if you do not decide for yourself, others do it ... This wisdom can be used in one direction or the other. Depending on how much you like the responsibility or not.

6. A relationship lasts a lot. Incredibly much out. In doubt, pretty much everything.

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7. If we want to go far, we need allies. People who have siblings are gifted networkers.

8. Finding compromises is something for beginners. The cleverest siblings have learned enforcing one's will and then making it look like a compromise to everyone else. Not sympathetic, but quite practical. CHECK!

9. We know that differences can be extremely valuable. Because the quiet manages the savages, the savage pulls the quiet and the big helps the little one. Siblings are team players. Because that's just the best for us. We have tested for decades.

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10. We never feel alone. We are not. That makes us strong, brave and happy. By the way, the fact that sisters make you happy is even scientifically proven ... really true!

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