10 profit tricks that we can learn from the hairdresser

1. The best beachwaves make the straightener

Actually, such a flat iron is there to pull the hair as smooth as possible. But there is a lot more to it: making perfect beachwaves. Easy to wrap around the iron? and of course, do not forget to moisten the hair with heat protection spray! For maximum grip: Allow to cool well, do not brush through, but fix with hairspray.

2. That brings volume!

Also on the second day after shampooing we do not want a spaghetti strands look. Best helper: dry shampoo, This can even be sprayed in XXL volume lengths, but with matt effect. Also for updos or other elaborate hairstyles is dry shampoo. The hair is grippier and can be styled easier.

And this is how you use it optimally: Step 1: Shake the can well and apply it only on dry hair. Step 2: Spray on the batches in batches - at a distance of about 20 centimeters. Step 3: Leave for one to two minutes. Now the product can be massaged and brushed. The order determines how the look works. Who rubs it, gets more volume. Who brushes the hair gets more shine.

3. No conditioner on the scalp!

Conditioner should unravel the hair lengths and maintain the brittle tips. Wella trend coach Janina Ehrenberg knows why conditioners should not be applied directly to the scalp: "If the hair is freshly washed, the scalp is also freed of all residues and clean, so you should not apply the conditioner directly to the scalp, because the The conditioner is much more important for the hair lengths anyway, since they are exposed to heat (hair dryer) or cold (in winter). "

4. Do not use wet brushes!

Hair professional Janina Ehrenberg advises: "A brush should never be used wet, wet hair is best combed with a Tangle Teezer or a coarse-toothed comb." Some women comb their hair with a wet comb so they do not 'fly', However, curly hair does the opposite, as they become even more 'stubborn' as soon as they're wet. "

5. Colored hair needs special care. Really!

It's really true ? and is not an invention of the industry. Colored hair needs a certain care depending on the coloration. Hair that has been dyed darker should be specially treated with products for colored hair, as the pigments stay longer in the hair and they shine more beautiful. If the hair is blond, you should use repair products, as the hair often dries out by lightening. They help to rebuild the hair structure.

6. Blow-dry the volume

Hairdressers use hairbrushes like jugglers to handle balls. In a hurry Big Hair is blown dry. What we can look for (even if the round brush always gets caught in the strands): blow-dry the hairstyle. That's how volume turns upside down. Also goes with the paddle brush.

7. Knobs with the diffuser

If you fancy a curly hair in the look of the nineties, put the diffuser on your hair dryer. The trick, so that the curls do not fisselig: Only 80% of the hair really dry blow dry, the rest should air-dry.

8. Do you want to straighten curly hair?

To a sleek look helps us only a straightener or a brush over which we blow dry the individual strands. But even without much Föhnaufwand we can smooth curly hair something. A rich shine shampoo and conditioner complain the hair, so that curls get a little sagging.

9. This reduces the yellow cast in the blond

Is the blond a bit too yellow when dyeing, and you do not have time to plan coloristic countermeasures? Now you can grab silver shampoo. It contains purple pigments. Laying on bleached hair with yellowish tint, the artificial color particles neutralize the yellow visually and the blond becomes pretty clear. Simply leave it on for two to three minutes while washing.

10. Curling wand trick

So that the curls, which are turned up with a smooth curling iron, really sit, the heat-action time must be right. Always carefully tap the wound strand with your finger from the outside. If it gets hot, slowly let the curled hair slide off the curling iron and fix it to cool it down - otherwise the curl will not hold.

Hair Salon Business by Azad Chaiwala (October 2020).

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